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Coronavirus Information and Updates

COVID-19 Response Updates

Current COVID-19 Response Plan Phase: 第四阶段
Updated 8/16/2022
Grayson College is not mandating masks at this time; however, the wearing of masks and practicing responsible health precautions is encouraged.

第四阶段 Procedures

Beginning Tuesday, June 1st 2021, Grayson College moved into 第四阶段Return to Campus Plan.

第四阶段 - Traditional Campus Operations
Full support for students and employees available. Serve students by walk-in, remotely or by appointment. 
  • Employees will be present on campus.
  • Services are offered primarily on campus with remote services still available.
  • Travel restrictions may not be present.  
Student Support:
  • Face-to-face student support is available. 
  • 住房 is available for students. 
  • Food service is provided. 
  • On campus Student Life activities are allowed.  
  • Common areas on campus including study rooms are available.  
  • Face-to-face instruction is available as is practical to do so. Faculty are encouraged to consider online and hybrid formats.
  • Fine arts programs are allowed based on social gathering guidelines. 

Reporting and Quarantine requirement update:

If a fully vaccinated person is exposed to coronavirus and exhibiting no symptoms, quarentine is not required. If a fully vaccinated person is exposed and shows symptoms, quarentine is required.
Vaccines are available throughout Grayson County. The Grayson County Health Department has a walk-in clinic every Tuesday from 9:30am to 12:30 pm at the Sherman Health Department, 515 N胡桃. No pre-registration is required.

COVID-19 Exposure Protocol

Possible Exposed Cases with or without Valid Vaccine

没有任何症状- 提交一个 接触形式 if you have been exposed to COVID-19. It is recommended to test five (5) days after exposure. Please monitor your symptoms, and if symptoms develop, please follow 症状 protocol.

症状- 提交一个 接触形式. It is recommended to test.  If you test positive, see guidance for positive cases. 如果负, you may not return to campus until you have marked symptom improvement for twenty-four (24) hours without medication. A test five (5) days after symptoms begin is also recommended.

If you are diagnosed with an alternative illness, you may return once symptoms have abated or you are cleared to return by a doctor.

Positive Cases with or without Vaccine

提交一个 接触形式 if you test positive for COVID-19. The standard protocol for a positive case is five (5) days away from campus beginning from the date of symptom onset or the specimen collection date for the positive test. Most COVID-19 cases have run their course by the end of five (5) days. 

If you are still having symptoms after 5 days, you will need to have marked symptom improvement for twenty-four (24) hours without medication to be approved to return to campus. 

Negative test results are not required to return to campus since the person can continue to test positive after the contagious period.